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Pathlight Preparatory Technology Vision:


Pathlight Preparatory supports and encourages an integrated, collaborative, mission-oriented, and planned vision of academic technology.




Pathlight Preparatory’s faculty, staff, administrators, and stakeholders believe that academic technology serves the entire academic enterprise---teaching, learning, and service. An integrated vision of academic technology sees academic technology as integral to the endeavor of both secondary and post-secondary education.


We believe that faculty, staff, and students should develop and possess critical technological abilities including but not limited to:


• The ability to learn a technology

• The ability to discern the appropriateness of a technology

• The ability to understand the possibilities and limitations of a technology.

• The ability to incorporate that technology, if and when appropriate, into their

   individual teaching, learning, or work efforts




A collaborative vision of academic technology perceives academic technology as multifaceted academic tool, involving shared communication, analysis, and decision making by multiple stakeholders: faculty, staff, IT professionals, parents, and students. Technology applications are found in every facet of educational life at Pathlight Preparatory. Our collaborative approach recognizes the importance of significant involvement of all members of the community in planning and process for all major system and/or policy changes.




Pathlight Preparatory’s technology mission driven view of academic technology seeks to examine the ways in which such technologies can:


• Uphold the mission of the school and complement

• Further the school’s focus on students and learning

• Seamlessly meld or integrated with our instructional methodology framework



Pathlight Preparatory’s planned vision of academic technology operates under the assumption that technology planning is an integral part of Pathlight Preparatory’s strategic planning. It takes into account future trends as well as past experiences. It includes, by definition, regular assessment of technologies used. Some elements of Pathlight Preparatory’s academic technology plan include:


• A school wide strategic technology plan

• Departmental – Subject Based technology plans

• A comprehensive structure (vehicle) for assessing the effectiveness of large scale

   technology systems

• A comprehensive, yet easily implemented, system for assessing the effectiveness of

   technology in teaching and learning.

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Technology Integration Plan

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