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Thank you for your interest in Pathlight Preparatory


Welcome to the Admissions Office. We are delighted that you are considering Pathlight Preparatory and look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family through the admissions process.  


Pathlight Preparatory admissions process is designed to educate prospective families about the unique advantages of the Pathlight Prep. experience and to assist parents in making an informed decision. As a part of our admissions process, we strive to get to know our student-applicants as exceptional individuals with unique characteristics, interests, strengths and talents.

Pathlight Preparatory encourages students who have the inner drive to benefit most from attending Pathlight Prep, to attain their intellectual pursuits and who will contribute to the well-being of our school culture. Indeed, shaping a well-rounded and talented student body creates a community where education does not end at a specified time-frame.  At Pathlight Prep., we all collaboratively work each day to ensure that our students develop through a vibrant and dynamic educational experience.

Selecting Pathlight Preparatoryas a viable alternative educational option signifies becoming a part of a dynamic and spirited collaborative community. At Pathlight Prep., we integrate our challenging academic curriculum with a multitude of life and social skill development experiential learning opportunities in order to assist our students to discover and nurture their individual interests.


On the first day of each school year, students are encouraged to strive to reach their intellectual potential in order to mature into well-rounded, socially responsible lifelong learners. Through the course of our students’ academic and extracurricular pursuits, Pathlight Prep. students shall be guided, engaged, and challenged by teachers whose primary objective shall be to shape character, elevate learning through our classical education model, and further enhance their ability on how to learn and how to think. It is this dedication to our students' moral, ethical, and inspirational formation that resonates in all aspects of our school life, and shall differentiate Pathlight Prep. from every other school in the surrounding communities.


We encourage families and students to explore our website to begin learning more about our campus and community. Our website will offer you a glimpse at the depth of our academic and after-school programs, however there simply is no better way to get a sense of a school's culture and atmosphere than through a visit and tour of our school campus. 


We hope you will contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour of campus, as well as attend our open house events throughtout the school year. 

Please let us know how we can be of service to your family through the admissions process.  We look forward to meeting you and introducing you


Pathlight Preparatory Office of Admissions

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