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Each moment of each passing day, I ask myself, what really matters in the grand scheme of things?


I guess as the person responsible for the oversight of our school, one would expect that the importance of obtaining excellent grades would be the dominant theme of this introductory letter, but in truth, the responsibility of this job, the various obstacles that some of our students, families, and faculty have encountered over the years, and the various conversations I have had with one another, have made me ever more aware that in the grand scheme this has always been an aspect of education that has been expected without question. Indeed, achieving academic excellence has always been the standard, by which success has been measured.


But in these unsteady times, I have come to the realization what truly is important is keeping perspective of events in our lives that really make life worthwhile. Certainly, Pathlight Preparatory should not only serve to educate our students, but to transform into a permanent visible fixture in our surrounding community, one that will symbolize and foster encouragement and determination.


I have realized through the course of my life that one of the most effective forces in our lives that allows us to persevere is the experience of encouragement. Encouragement is an integral part towards achieving educational success, because it is life-altering. Not only for our students receiving it, but also for our instructors and parents providing it.


At times, Pathlight Preparatory represent a home away from home to many of our students, and we must embrace encouragement in our own and our students’ lives by:


  • Providing encouragement to others:


Never pass up the opportunity to encourage others. The simplest of words of encouragement can have a profound effect on someone's life. When we encourage our students, we are giving them a reason to pursue their goal or dream. We are saying you "get it". It's not some superficial dream wandering aimlessly in their heads. It's real. It has worth. Then, when the opportunity to shine comes their way, they've got the confidence to move forward and go for it. THEY BECOME INSPIRED. By showing your support to our students, you can be the one to open the door to a child's dream. If you see a student with a unique talent, point it out and lift it up. If you’ve learned something, share it.


  • Accepting encouragement from others:


It is important that our students are able to accept and acknowledge encouragement from others. Hence, this will assist our students in building their level of confidence, as they embark on accomplishing their goals and aspirations. As students accept the encouragement from others, there is something in this process that may not be easily realized. For, it is not an “I” against a “Them” mentality. For, it is the power of what "We" can all accomplish together, against all odds. When our students accept encouragement from others, they are showing their commitment to their unique potential. Accepting the encouragement that people offer as an unconditional “gift” that it truly is can have a profound effect on a student's level of compassion and humility.


  • Believing in the potential of becoming the best “I” can be:


Once our students have truly accepted and absorbed it, and owned it as true, then they are on the way to believing in themselves. Sometimes that's hard to do when any of our students are facing social rejection, encountering academic challenges, and life events aren't perfectly fitting together as hoped... just yet. Students can embrace and accept encouragement and believe in their potential by encouraging students to partner with someone who can hold up a mirror to their thoughts, plans, goals, hopes, and dreams. Indeed, when our students are affirmed, it is empowering. And then, it becomes infectious. It feels great receiving it, so before long each student wants another student to feel the way he or she does:


In short, “PAYING IT FORWARD.” then, becomes the foundation of our school culture.






Pathlight Preparatory Administration

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