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At Pathlight Preparatory our college prep curriculum offers a wide array of opportunities to foster the intellectual achievement of each student. Small class size, a personalized student approach to, a collaborative educational setting, and dedicated instructors encourage academic excellence and inspire student to discover and strive to reach their full potential. Although the curriculum is rigorous, students view Pathlight Preparatory as a supportive and engaging environment. Instructors are always available to assist students in need and welcome the opportunity to offer academic support throughout a student’s academic progression.


In all curriculum areas, course content and lessons are teacher-directed and designed with frameworks for integrating educational technology to assist our instructors plan for how to effectively utilize digital tools and applications in the classroom that will assist student to become active learners and develop their interests and skills to become life-long learners in our rapidly changing technology-driven evolving world. Our students are encouraged to work to their highest potential, achieve strong college preparatory skills, and gain a broad knowledge in all academic disciplines.


We operate on the semester system and students take a minimum of seven courses each academic 180 instructional calendar school year. Our course description guide features standard and honors course offerings, in order that students will be able to examine themselves in a supportive, yet intellectually challenging, small-school learning environment. Our students are encouraged to develop a range of skills for critical thinking and self-expression and to mature into socially active global citizens. With this in mind, our academic curriculum enables students to become college ready within a faith-based and character values-based, education.

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High School Graduation Requirements Outline



Pathlight Preparatory is committed to supporting students in their personal and academic endeavors, with a focus on assisting our studentsmeet their college and career potential. To earn a College Prep academic diploma, all students must complete at least a four year plan, three-year accelerated plan consisting of a  minimum of 24 credits during grades 09, 10, 11 and 12. Students earn one credit for each 36-week (one-year: a minimum of 180 teacher-directed instructional days) course and a half credit for each 18-week (one-semester: a minimum of 90 teacher-directed instructional days) course. As a college prep high school (secondary school), Pathlight Preparatory currently meets and exceeds the Florida Department of Education State Standards for high school graduation and meets the recommendations of  Florida State Colleges. and Universities.


At Pathlight Preparatory, a student’s program of studies should be cooperatively planned by the student and parent with assistance of Pathlight Pteparatory Administration and Guidance Department to meet the individual needs of the student. A High School (secondary school) - Personalized Education Plan (HS-PEP) will be established for each student.


The high school (secondary school) course requirements shown below provide a foundation from which students may begin planning their high school (secondary school) course selection. College admissions policies and academic requirements vary widely. In collaboration with a Pathlight Preparatory College Planning & Placement Guidance Counselor, students will build a high school personalized plan for high school graduation based on their interests and academic, college and career goals.

Standard High School Graduation Requirements

  • 4 Credits: ELA - English - Language Arts

  • 4 Credits: Mathematics

  • 3 Credits: Science

  • 3 Credits: Social Studies

  • 2 Credits: World Languages

  • 1 Credit: Fine and Performing Arts, Speech & Debate, OR Practical Arts

  • 1 Credit: Phisical Education & Health

  • 6 Credits: Additional Core and/or Non-Core Courses


TOTAL:  24 Credits 

Minimum GPA:  2.00 on a 4.00 Grade Point Average Scale

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