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Collaborative Learning Activities Support Spaces (CLASS) 


Pathlight Preparatory has made a firm commitment to the improvement of the quality of teaching and instruction delivery. We believe that students learn more and fail less when active learning strategies are used. To this end, Collaborative Learning Activities Support Spaces (CLASS) that facilitate collaborative active learning have been created. 


In these learning spaces, faculty members utilize innovative teaching and learning strategies that promote higher order critical and creative thinking that leads to better understanding and improved ability to transfer knowledge to other applications and functions. We believe that these learning spaces are an important component of Pathlight Preparatory's commitment to our continuous school improvement and culture change because numerous research studies have provided significant evidence that support active engagement  (learning) as being  critical to the success of students within a aclassroom setting and beyond. 

The Collaborative Learning Activities Support Spaces (CLASS) shall facilitate and support the basic aims of Pathlight Preparatory's overall mission and purpose:

  1. Instruct students on the principles of Collaborative Active Learning.

  2. Teach students how to collaborate through applications in their classes.

  3. Encourage students to value and appreciate collaboration.

  4. Improve student learning through Collaborative Active Learning.

  5. Make Collaborative Active Learning a central feature of Pathlight Preparatory's educational aims and academic culture.


The Collaborative Learning Activities Support Spaces (CLASS) feature many unique characteristics that assist to support our learning environment. All of the Pathlight Preparatory Collaborative Learning Activities Support Spaces (CLASS) shall attempt to include the following characteristics:

  • round or rectangular tables with casters for 6-8 students that instructors and learning assistants can access;

  • adjustable height swivel chairs;

  • projectors/screens and monitors throughout the room to ensure that all students have a good view of the

       materials being projected;

  • portable/swivel dry erase boards with casters;

  • tabletop whiteboards for each table;

  • enhanced networks to accommodate courses with heavy use of technology;

  • ample power outlets at the tables or around the perimeter of room; and

  • sound-absorbing carpet and a splash of color on an accent wall to create an inviting learning environment.

"Pathlight Preparatory students and faculty working collaboratively to explore opportunities and discover solutions in pursuit of knowledge and love of learning."

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