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Why Pathlight Prepratory?


Our teacher-directed classroom discussions and instructions are supported by a collaborative student-centered philosophy and personalized learning and training approach. This remains at the forefront of Pathlight Preparatory's mission which appeals to students who prefer a more holistic personal learning experience. 

  • Personalized Student Success Plan

Applying a personalized student success plan that encompasses a holistic approach and which recognizes that a significant amount of learning also occurs during after-school hours


  • Integrated Learning Option


Flexibility to personalize teacher-directed classroom instructions on campus with technology integration that would improve  student  learning experiences, processes, and shared outcomes.


  • Small Class Sizes

Individual attention from a faculty of industry experts


  • Financial Assistance Services and Support

Grants, scholarships, and financial aid available for students who qualify.


  • Skill-Building Instruction

Practical learning experiences to prepare for the modern workplace

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