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The Mission of Pathlight Preparatory is to value diversity, inclusion, and embrace life-long collaborative partnerships among students, teachers, and parents by fostering an optimal learning environment where students can access effective instructional modalities that nurture independent critical thinking and intrinsically motivate life-long learning that is both academically challenging and responsive to students’ social and emotional needs, thereby promoting and reinforcing core values that prepare students to successfully meet the challenges of a changing world in the Twenty-First Century.

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The Vision for Pathlight Preparatory is to provide an engaging and relevant curriculum to students. Student individual learning needs are identified through ongoing formative assessments in order guide appropriate and effective instructional intervention strategies that would reveal students’ full potential. Pathlight Preparatory will offer a comprehensive system of supports to parents and students in order to ensure students are on track with satisfying graduation requirements and are college and career ready.

  • Pathlight Preparatory Instructors believe that all students have the potential to meet or exceed academic standards. Parents, teachers, staff, and administrators work together as a professional and collaborative learning community to evaluate instructional modalities with the focus on improving student performance.


  • Pathlight Preparatory Students are creative and complex thinkers, effective communicators, community/global participants, and empowered independent learners.


  • Pathlight Preparatory Families work collaboratively with educators to provide the best instructional practices and strategies for their children. Together, they review student formative assessment results and collaborate on a course of instructional modalities that engages and inspire students to reach their full potential.


  • Pathlight Preparatory Community of stakeholders are proactively involved and invested in support of our collaborative instructional intervention strategies to provide the best practices to ensure the success of each student.  The strong connections and communication amongst educators, students, families, and the community foster an effective foundation or framework for which our strategies are established.

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The purpose of Pathlight Preparatory is to provide an educational environment that equips students to lead fulfilling lives through learning, leadership, service, a commitment to high moral character, and spiritual enlightenment.

Colorful Notebooks
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