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The primary  focus behind Pathlight Preparatory core curriculum is to prepare Pathlight Prep students for academic success in college and beyond.  In line with our Pathlight Preparatory Mission and Philosophy, this goal is achieved through a balanced instructor-directed technology enhanced core curriculum. Curricular paths provide for individualized programs of study that are developed on rigorous and relevant courses. An experienced, dedicated, and diverse faculty of instructors collaborating with families to provide a student centered comprehensive learning experience. The Pathlight Preparatory core curriculum is designed to develop academic potential and to foster inquiry, creativity, scholarship, and a thirst for knowledge.


With this in mind, Pathlight Preparatory emphasis is not only on course content matter, but more importantly on the awe-inspiring process by which one "struggles to conquer the elusive truth within, by embracing the love of learning."  Hence, the Pathlight Preparatory core curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to develop academic potential and to foster inquiry, creativity, scholarship, and a lifelong love of learning. At Pathlight Preparatory, we all seek to form students who are life-long critical and creative thinkers, who grow in their understanding of content within a global context rather than fact-finding in isolation, who are called to ask critical questions, and who are ultimately called to act as life-changing leaders or agents of change within a diverse global community. 


Indeed, rather than passively acquiring information and predefined explanations, students actively engage in the collaborative learning process. Instructors (teachers) actively involve and inspire students in the art of training one's mind on  "how to learn, think, and create." Our core curriculum places an emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, deep understanding of content, analysis and synthesis, and the ability to apply what is learned in a multitude of challenging situations. At Pathlight Preparatory, reflection, action, and cooperation are key components of  our comprehensive learning experience.

Pathlight Preparatory is committed to keeping class sizes small for the benefit of all learners by allowing more frequent and regular teacher to pupil interaction. All Pathlight Preparatory students are expected to participate in the full academic program unless a student’s documented academic needs call for a modified program.





Academic excellence is expected of all students at Pathlight Preparatory. Our learning environment fosters this excellence by creating a nurturing, diverse environment that celebrates the value and dignity and humility of each person. Into that environment, Pathlight Preparatory has placed a rigorous curriculum that promotes the growth of the whole child, develops higher order reasoning skills and prepares students for a lifetime of learning.


Pathlight Preparatory incorporates many teaching strategies in an attempt to engage the broad spectrum of learners that we encounter. All grade level skills are developed in a spiral curriculum format where skills are introduced, developed and expanded in each grade level. These skills include standard literacy and numeracy skills as well as higher order analysis and synthesis. We also devote time to the students’ executive functioning (organizational and planning) skills and develop their ability to present and communicate clearly.


In addition, technology will be taking on an increased role in the instruction of our students. All course content will integrate some level of technology into an instructor’s delivery of course content. Pathlight Preparatory instructors will be utilizing research and standard based course content and a robust learning management delivery platform that has the capacity to support personalized, project-based, and master-based teacher-directed student collaborative learning activities, as well as other effective technological education applications to disseminate, support, and comply with their course content objectives.


Pathlight Preparatory student cumulative academic progress and course-specific content mastery is tracked by administration and individual course instructors through various assessment techniques and the entire school participates in standardized testing yearly utilizing the Stanford Achievement (10th Edition) to measure AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) or year over year growth.


“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”  - Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet)

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