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Spiritual Life


Our goal at Pathlight Preparatory is to nurture spiritual growth within each student.  To that end, we have regularly scheduled activities throughout the school year that we of share in God's Word as well as times throughout the day when spiritual principles are utilized to foster empathy and kindness. As a collaborative community, we collectively believe that compassion can transform the human condition, as well as our students' lives and the world around them. Indeed, compassion is a fundamental principle in many spiritual traditions. It involves understanding the suffering of others ("the human condition"),  and responding with kindness, empathy, and a desire to alleviate their pain. Compassion has the power to transform our lives, as well as our students and the world around us, fostering connection, healing, and growth. 

Pathlight Preparatory faith-based activities bring students together for special times of celebrating, singing, teaching and worship. One of the unique purposes of Pathlight Preparatory's faith-based activities are to prepare and inspire  students to honor Christ in whatever educational and career endeavors they choose. Pathlight Preparatory desires that each student develops a vital, personal relationship with God through faith, and ask all students to measure their lives by standards of moral conduct.

Each student understands that attending Pathlight Preparatory will provide an opportunity for him or her to demonstrate a spirit of Humility, Love, and Wisdom with the goals and philosophy of the school. By applying for admission to Pathlight Preparatory, each student indicates a desire to become a sincere, cooperative family member of the student body, as well as 1productive member of his or her surrounding community. 

We believe that self-discipline and spiritual growth are never a result of superimposed rules; these goals can be attained only when students and their parents make the achievement of these attributes a priority. Therefore, Pathlight Preparatory standards of conduct are designed to serve only as an external guideline for student behavior; our ultimate hope is for students to grow into a fuller level of emotional and behavioral maturity. 


To produce an effective collaborative school culture and environment which will encourage these goals, Pathlight Preparatory expects every student to be open and willing to be instructed by the school staff, and to demonstrate by attitude and behavior a life committed to ethics and morality. Certainly, character education is a priority at Pathlight Preparatory and involves the entire school community – school leaders, parents, teachers, staff, and students. Our collective effort is to focus on shaping the hearts of our students as we endeavor to instill positive ethical values, such as caring, good manners, respect, responsibility, fairness, and honesty.

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