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Pathlight Preparatory's Core Identity is empowered by collaboration, thus our five (5) core values are: 


  1. Sustainable Quality - Our effective collaborative instructional intervention strategies have the flexibility to create a student-centered approach to learning. 

  2. Student-Centered Learning - Students of diverse backgrounds find themselves fully engaged in the learning process, as they are supported and guided by our educators to discover effective instructional intervention strategies that positively enhances their learning  experience. 

  3. Integrity - Our collaborative instructional interventions are held to the highest standards of curriculum excellence so that students thrive. 

  4. Innovation for Every Student - The uniqueness of every student is matched by our instructional intervention strategies that are always innovating and advancing for the continuous improvement of the student learning experience.

  5. Collaborative Partners - We strengthen our collaborative relationships between educators, students, families, and community in order to  create an effective learning culture that supports everyone by fostering am actively engaged school community that is aware of and appreciates multiculturalism and the multi-faceted aspects of our unique identity that each of us brings forth.

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Pathlight Preparatory Six (6) Guiding Principles are:​         


  1. Students should feel a personal connection to the Pathlight Preparatory learning experience. School guidance programs are important, as are internships and lessons customized to each student's learning style.

  2. All students should be held to high academic and personal standards.

  3. Students must believe that what they learn is relevant to their lives; students should be able to personalize their learning.

  4. Educators should be facilitators, mentors, and coaches in the learning process. Educators MUST be proactive NOT Reactive in identifying and addressing students’ strengths and challenges.

  5. Each student's learning style(s) should be assessed, monitored, documented, and enhanced.

  6. Obtained Data and Attained Milestones about a student’s learning should be used to modify or improve his or her learning experience or instructional modality(ies) in order to enhance its overall effectiveness. Data MUST always be utilized to drive continuous school improvement.

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